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Oil,Gas & Petrochemicals inspection

TICO Oil,Gas and Petrochemicals inspection services supports its principals as a commercial partner and advisor in Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals


Minerals inspection

TICO minerals inspection services supports its principals as a commercial partner and advisor in minerals & steels.


Agricultural inspection

Agricultural product trade is always dynamic. TICO’s range of inspection services make certain that the quality and quantity of your cargo is within an acceptable standard range during every stage of the supply chain, and ensure they reach the final destination in accordance with the parameters of your contract.


Import inspection

TICO important inspection division offers you independent and professional verification of the quality, quantity, marking, packing and loading of your cargo, helping you meet quality standards, technical specifications and contractual requirements to ensure that the production complies with your specifications and or the terms of your purchase order or letter of credit.


Since the foundation

TIE-Co. Company in addition of various inspection service, has always been providing nondestructive testing service to different industrial sectors, especially the aviation, oil, gas and petrochemicals, and construction industries.


Aircraft & railway inspection

Based on a strategic development plan and the good experience of TIE-CO experts in the airline industry, this company has identified new markets including rail and rail industries and in this context, by Taking advantage of the experiences of their European business partner has begun deploying, training, and localization of internationally recognized inspection standards in this area.


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about us

Tie- co has over twenty years experiences as an Inspection Company and is Inspecting in-process and assembly Inspection and inspection of quality and quantity of all importing & exporting commodities and consumer products. Tie-co has been chosen as global partner and official agent of Baltic Control ® Denmark to expand their global inspection activities. This contract is under development and still running.

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