About us

about us

Tie- co has over twenty years experiences as an Inspection Company and is Inspecting in-process and assembly Inspection and inspection of quality and quantity of all importing & exporting commodities and consumer products. Tie-co has been chosen as global partner and official agent of Baltic Control ® Denmark to expand their global inspection activities. This contract is under development and still running. Tie-co has also passed all audits and surveillance of international inspection companies agency (IFIA).

120 expert persons as human resources are working in global branches and some box offices in USA , England, Spain, Italy, China, USA, Canada, India, Turkey, the Netherlands, Germany and France are assessing, verifying, testing and certifying of wide range of inspection services for types of industries as agricultures, food products, oil, petroleum and petrochemicals, gas and chemicals, minerals, construction materials and consumer products.

Choose us to Tie your ideals to reality.