Agricultural inspection

Agricultural product trade is always dynamic .TICO’s range of inspection services make certain that the quality and quantity of your cargo is within an acceptable standard range during every stage of the supply chain, and ensure  they reach the final destination in accordance with the parameters of your contract.

from pre-shipment to export ,we inspect storage facilities and monitor your goods throughout the  transportation process .We perform cleanliness inspections to make sure that storage units and holds are free from odor, moisture , foregin matters , previous cargo residues or pest infestation. our independent surveys and provide documentation for possible for possible damage investigations.

Our Services

  • Sampling according to FOSFA for oil and liquids
  • Sampling according to GAFTA for grain
  • Testing and witness of test
  • Pre- shipment inspection
  • Inspection at load port and issuance of COI
  • Hold hatch sealing/unsealing supervision
  • Vessel hold and container inspection
  • Bulk cargo inspection
  • Draft Survey
  • Quality and quantity control
  • Cargo damage survey

The maincommoditiesfor inspection

  • Seeds, grains and cereals in bulk or packed
  • Oil, liquids, concentrates and juices
  • Fresh fruit and dried fruits
  • Tea and coffee
  • Herbal oils
  • Spices and additives
  • Meat