Import inspection

TICO important inspection division offers you independent and professional verification of the quality, quantity , marking , packing and loading of your cargo helping you meet quality standards , technical specifications and contractual requirements to ensure that the production complies with your specifications and or the terms of your purchase order or letter of credit.

Furthermore, for commodities which are on the ISIRI’s mandatory list ,we offer you  COI inspection at load port . TICO  can help customers to obtain  COI certificate by performing tests as per ISIRI acceptable standards and loading supervision at load port in order to assure the importer that products conform to relevant

Our Services

  • Packing and marking check verifying the number of packing cases and marking against contractual
  • Loading supervision & Checking for appropriate handking during loading
  • Ship to Ship transfers survey
  • Tank and compartment cleanliness
  • Price verification & supplier qualification
  • Pre-shipment inspection services
  • COI inspection
  • Technical inspection
  • During production inspection
  • Documentation review
  • Sampling & Witness of tests
  • Draft survey